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Learning about Africa from an African


Learning about Africa from an African

Those who want to learn about africa I am willing to answer questions and post pics and make posts of my own for general Knowledge.

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Language in Africa

It is amazing to me how many African Americans are interested in Africa. I believe for most people it gives a sense of Identity and roots. However here, few people are interested in having a  sense of identity and roots. Most of us hate studying history but worst of all we are way more interested in getting to know what is out there rather than telling our own stories.

People in Africa are very interesting because there are so many countries and we are all so different. We hardly speak the same language accross the continent and despite what most poeple think, not everyone can speak swahili. Swahili is a language spoken mostly in central africa and has similarities to Nguni languages. The nguni languages are languages spoken in the southern part of africa, like Zulu, Shona, Shangani, Venda and Xhosa. Though we speak different languages you will find similar words like mwana means child in shangani, swahili and shona. Geza means bath in zulu and shona, though alternatively in zulu it could be used as an insult as well, meaning crazy. But that is more rare than common.

I am no language expert but when I listen to people speaking their languages I can generally tell what language it is, but only if it is from central or southern Africa. However west Africa is a whole different ball game. I can tell a person is from west africa from their bone and facial structure, and I can tell when it is a west african language but I have no semblence of what it is or even what it means. They have phonatically difficult languages, and they find our languages hard for them as well.

I have never been to west Africa, but from what I have learnt from my West African friends, there is more of a sense of respect and pride in terms of history and culture in West Africa than there is down South. They have more of the traditional African clothing, we have more of the western clothing. In West Africa, who you are in terms of tribes is important, here what you have in terms of money and designer clothing, gadgets and cars matters more. The southern part of Africa is way more westernised because we got our independence later than most of West Africa. We are well aware of what is going on out there.

I have been speaking English since I was five years old, and people respect me more at home when I have travelled and know more about europe and the united states. It seems Americans want to know more about us when we are waaay more alike than we realise. Globalisation is slowly merging the world into one culture. And sadly a lot of languages in Africa are becoming less and less relevant to a point where we get literacy in English, french, portuguese, geman and spanish more than our own languages. Part of the reason for this is that we have to speak international languages to be relevant in the world. Our languages are spoken by so few people, at times only a village or town or tribe, at times a whole province. So in order to communicate with each other (between people with different languages) we resort to an international language as a sort of "go between" language. So though we may speak English in different accents, we do understand each other very well. 

I have a friend who is from Nigeria who got married to a Kenyan. They only speak English in their house because their languages are so different. It would be so hard to learn each other's languages so it is easier to speak english. Another factor to consider for them is that the lady never learnt her language because noone speaks it anymore. It faded away like the original latin did. Less and less people spoke the language over the years that in the end someone died as the last person who spoke that language and they were buried with it. So sad.

I can imagine how many other languages died out this way. In certain countries they speak up to 500 different languages. I wonder how many they were before other languages died out.

I speak shona, we have traditional shona, that is only spoken by the older generation and then there is educational shona, which you read and write in, but hardly speak, then there is coloquial shona, which evolves daily. I am yet to figure out what shona they use on google in shona but if you want to see more of what my language looks like you can check out goodle in shona.

The language is syllable driven, every word has at least two syllables. all words end with a vowel and we do not use the letters L and Q in our alphabet but have combination letters that make different sounds that on might not be able to pronounce unless they hear it. The combination letters we have include ZV, SV, TY, DY, MB, ND, DZV, NZV, DZ.

Our language is also very dependent on proverbs but they are seperated into two, there are wise sayings and there are symbolic sayings. Our language is also heavily context driven. One word can be used to mean many things. If you want to say stop, you say Mira, if you want to say stand you say Mira, if you want say wait, you say Mira, if you want to say the house has been erected you also use the word Mira. In all cases we know what the word means depending on the context.

Shona is also a very rude language, let me explain myself. There are certain things that just sound that much more rude and vulgar when said in shona, like the word for buttocks of human excrement, private parts both male and female. That is why we teach science strictly in English because it would be so hard to go though in shona. I hope today someone has learnt something new abut language in Africa.


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Comment by Wayne C. Kelly II on June 21, 2013 at 10:38pm

1) Does South Africa has it's on Historical Martial Arts system? What are they, and how have they evolved; Philosophical and fighting forums?

2) Did anyone from South Africa, single member or group(s), ever commune with those Timbuktu during in it's prime years? Did South Africa, during it's early period, have it's own dynasties that provided wealth of knowledge, like the Moors, and Kemet?

3) Did anyone from South Africa, single member or group(s), ever commune with Native Americas, long before Europe exploitation? If not, how about the rest of the world [same time period]?

4) What is South Africa's relationship and personal view point of each family member of the Africa Diaspora?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Africa_diaspora What are some of the ideas, weather fabricated or real, that South Africa feel and think of us? (When I say 'us' I mean the conscious African Americans, not those with a salve mentality)

5) In Hidden Colors it is mention that Western Part of African is open for African Americans to return? Does this apply to South Africa, as well? 

6) What are the top ten South African Sci-Fi, Martial Art Adventures, and Westerns, authors?

7) At what point did South Africans Discover from Africa about the Pineal and how was it applied to daily life? What is the relationship with Melanin? If none of thise applies, what personal discovers can be attribute to South Africa?

Thank You for your time, Patience Gombe

Comment by Patience Gombe on June 18, 2013 at 7:52am

Thank you all members of my group. Feel free to educate me on what you have found out so far. I am also a student on this group as you also are. Thanks again for joining my group

Comment by Patience Gombe on June 18, 2013 at 7:51am

Comment by Patience Gombe on June 18, 2013 at 7:51am

Hi Wayne
I would like to tell you that I know all the answers to those questions but honesty has always bee the best policy. So I cannot answer any of your questions. Please bare in mind that I am from southern Africa which is a six hour flight from where almost all you are talking about happened. So if you have questions about southern Africa. I am well equpped but west Africa I will bet you know more than I know

Comment by Wayne C. Kelly II on May 5, 2013 at 8:42am

1) What are the different forums of African Martial Arts? Which Art Forum is a direct influence on the Samurai culture?

2) What is the history of Timbuktu? Which scholars during that period paid tribute to their tomes, and construction of that society? What was life like during that time period?

3) What is Africa's, and South Africa's, relationship and personal view point of each family member of the Africa Diaspora?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Africa_diaspora What are some ideas, weather fabricated or real, that Africa and the rest of the African Diaspora feel and think of us? (When I say 'us' I mean the conscious African Americans)

4) What are the Yoruba Orishas? What are their individual stories? How did they interact with one another?

5) What is the royal cast system of Kemet and Nubia? 

6) Can you provide any nuggets of information, that is not common, about Hannibal? 

7) Is the Western Part of African still open for African Americans to return? Does this apply to other sections of Africa and South Africa? 

8) What are the top ten African Sci-Fi, Martial Art Adventures, and Westerns, authors?

9) At what point did Africa Discover the Pineal and how was it applied to daily life? What is the relationship with Melanin? 

10) Outside of Hannibal, Imhotep is another Historical figure that has drawn my attention. Is there any information that you can provide about him?

*I apologize for the bombardment of questions. I am just happy someone is willing to be an wiki for the Motherland.  Please feel free to take all the time you need, to answer each one in full disclosure.    

                                                         Thank You in Advance, Wayne C. Kelly II 


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